Clerkenwell has the biggest 3D printer in the UK and it’s making models of cities

A model of Tower Bridge made with Hobs' 3D printer

A model of Tower Bridge made with Hobs' 3D printer - Credit: Archant

A tech company is using the UK’s biggest 3D printer to revolutionise the design industry.

Hobs Studios in Central Street, Clerkenwell, showed off their impressive equipment at an open day last week, featuring guest speakers and demonstrations.

But what does it mean to have the biggest 3D printer going? Well, the company has recently produced plans for the whole city of Birmingham – in four days.

“We specialise in 3D technology, architecture, engineering and construction,” said senior account manager Kadine James.

“3D printing will become commonplace in the industry and people will be printing in their homes. We would like to welcome any local businesses to come and check out what we are doing and how 3D technology is being used in London.”

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