Climate crusaders ‘vandalise’ Islington cars in 4x4 rampage

ENVIRONMENTAL activists have targeted 4x4 owners in Islington with a new campaign that sees vehicle registration plates replaced with stickers reading CO2 KILL5.

Peter Cheshyre, who lives off Colebrooke Row in Angel, had the license plate on his luxury Lexus replaced with one of the stickers and is now considering legal action against the group responsible.

He said: “On leaving my house I noticed that my license plate had been vandalised. The vandals had covered my rear license plate with a sticker license plate imitation reading: CO2 KILL5.

“Not only is this criminal damage, but also a serious matter for myself as if I had not spotted the sticker I could have been facing a considerable fine from the DVLA. Needless to say I shall be considering legal action against this group.”

The group behind the campaign, Climate Rush, targeted 4x4 owners in Kensington and Chelsea before starting to re-plate cars in Islington on December 22. In a statement on their website they said: “On the night of the 22nd of December as part of the ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the selfishness, and ridiculous carbon emissions, of ‘Chelsea Tractors’ the CVLA paid a visit to the London borough of Islington.

“In a flying visit, approximately 50 gas-guzzling, 4�4 ‘Islington Tractors’ had their license plates replaced with the more apt CO2 K1LL5.”

The group hope that their actions will demonstrate the negative effect of CO2 emissions on the atmosphere and encourage London residents to use public transport or vehicles with lower carbon emissions.

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It said: “If people need to drive, we suggest that a 5.0 litre, 4�4 tractor is a little over the top for our urban streets - even if they do have a light covering of snow. Switching to a less fuel hungry vehicle will slash fuel bills and carbon emissions.

“In case any urban 4�4 drivers are feeling particularly brave, we also suggest alternative means of transport such as trains, buses, cycling and walking. These are popular methods of moving from A to B that don’t destroy the planet.”