Heathrow expansion: Campaigners warn third runway will cause ‘noise disruption’ over Islington

Stock image of plane leaving Heathrow Airport. Picture: Tony Hisgett/ CC BY 2.0

Stock image of plane leaving Heathrow Airport. Picture: Tony Hisgett/ CC BY 2.0 - Credit: Archant

Campaigners warn “dozens” of extra planes causing noise and nitrogen oxide pollution will fly over Islington every day if a third runway is build at Heathrow Airport.

The No 3rd Runway Coalition discussed the impact proposals to expand Heathrow could have on Islington at a town hall meeting last night, which was chaired by the borough's only opposition councillor Caroline Russell (Green, Highbury East).

People were warned an extra runway will result in at least 270,000 extra flights over London every day, with dozens going over Islington.

Cllr Russell, who's also a London-wide Assembly Member, said: "Flight paths should be designed to minimise the noise disruption to overflown communities, yet with Heathrow's proposals we do not even know precisely where the flight paths will go. For too many people, including children, aircraft noise is a major intrusion into their daily lives. It is not an acceptable price to pay for air travel and in a climate emergency it makes no sense at all."

Heathrow expansion will increase numbers from 280,000 to 756,000 every year.

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