Coach plans renew plea for parking under Arsenal’s Emirates stadium

New coach parking plans for Arsenal matches have rekindled residents’ anger – while police still won’t let buses park under the stadium due to terrorist fears.

More than 30 people have complained about a rejig to away coach parking plans around the Emirates, which go before a town hall planning committee tonight (Thursday). There are complaints about loss of parking spaces, litter, dirt and pollution.

The main difference is that six spaces will be moved to Queensland Road, near the stadium, from Hornsey Road, to make way for new sports pitches at the Sobell Centre.

The Emirates was built with 24 coach spaces underneath, but the Met Police banned their use because of fears that terrorists could plant a bomb.

Many of the 36 residents who wrote to the council argued that this is ridiculous, especially as TV vans are allowed under the stadium.

In addition, the new plans do not reduce the number of coach stops in Finsbury Park, where away fans have to be led to the ground along Ambler Road.

Mel Massey, 38, who lives in Ambler Road, said: “When they kettle fans down our road it is really frightening. I don’t have a problem with the football at all, but if they are going to kettle fans outside my house I am against it.”