Comedian Joe happy to start at the bottom

JOE Bor claims to have been a serious boy at school – but 10 years on, he is enjoying a successful career as a comedian.

Joe, 29, a former pupil of Acland Burghley School in Burghley Road, Tufnell Park, is currently in Edinburgh performing his first solo show – A Study of Embarrassment by a Guy with Two Bumholes – at the fringe festival.

And the title of his show is no joke – because this comedian really does have two “bumholes”.

Joe, who lives off Hornsey Lane, Highgate, said: “I was 19 when I found out at university in Bournemouth. I never wanted to talk about it in front of audiences but when I told comedians, they said I had to incorporate it into my act.”

As a boy, Joe, who went to Thornhill Primary School in Barnsbury before going on to Acland Burghley, never thought of becoming a comedian.

But during university, he realised that funny things tended to happen to him – and started telling the stories to people.

Joe, who spent three years working as a teaching assistant at Acland Burghley, said: “I was serious when I was at school and in some ways I’m making up for lost time now.

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“A lot of my comedy comes from my time working at a school. It was a difficult job with a lot of amusing situations.”

Since then he has won several awards, worked on television sketch shows and performed his stand-up routines across north London.

“I am always more nervous when I have friends and family in the crowd because you know you are going to have to see them soon after and they will be brutally honest.”

Joe takes inspiration from his campaigner mother Shirley Franklin – chairwoman of the Defend The Whittington Hospital Campaign. He said: “I support the campaign. I am always ready to jump in for the cause.”

Watch Joe perform on the first Tuesday of every month at his Laugh and a Half night at the Grand Union, in Highgate Road, Kentish Town.