Comedy Review: The Pajama Men at the Charing Cross Theatre, WC2

Cult sensation The Pajama Men’s surreal brand of comedy leaves the audience dizzy and ecstatic

The Pajama Men, Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez, have become something of a cult sensation in recent years. With their unique and refreshing take on comedy, no-one can deny they are one of the most original shows out there.

And their new show at the Charing Cross Theatre, In The Middle Of No-one, does not disappoint, having already been a runaway success at the Edinburgh Festival and Soho Theatre.

The two 30-something guys take to the stage clad in pyjamas and run through a dizzying set of endless voices and characters, with the help of no props, apart from two chairs, and the only accompaniment being backing musician Kevin Hume tinkling away on the piano.

This show is hugely imaginative, taking us breathtakingly quickly through numerous scenarios. A lone explorer leaves his wife and child behind in search of adventure. A dim-witted yet genius space man struggles to make the right decision while doing exactly the wrong thing. Bitchy nurses, vicious housewives, a gigantic sea monster known as the Ice Beast, the rare South American give-it-to-me bird and many more playful characters appear.

The two Pajama Men flit from character to character with dexterity and without missing a beat, holding you captivated throughout. And you can tell that they are enjoying themselves too, particularly in the improvised segments.

The audience roared with laughter throughout, made dizzy and ecstatic by the constantly morphing make-believe world around them.

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This is a show that will leave you giddy with childlike excitement and with the urge to act out your own make-believe sketches. Pure surreal enjoyment!

* The Pajama Men’s In The Middle Of No-one is playing at the Charing Cross Theatre, in Villiers Street, WC2, until March 3, 2012.