Community will be mortally wounded

Knowing how principled and compassionate Islington Council leader Catherine West is, I am shocked at this council’s treatment of elders at Sotheby Mews and call on her to intervene!

How dare this council distress elders, desperate to keep use of a building they have paid for many times over with their sacrifices during World War II and their taxes over the decades!

The Irish value and use their vote and councillors who want to be re-elected should come out now and reassure these elders that they will not be bereft of this Sotheby Mews building – which gives them the bodily and mental health boost of putting on their Sunday best and mixing with their peers, taking exercise and creative classes and thus saving the council and NHS thousands in costs!

Irish elders’ use of the Caledonian Road, Drovers building is also of great benefit in reducing council expenditure on health and welfare needs.

The Lib-Dems grievously wounded Islington’s Irish community: Labour will mortally wound our community if it closes Sotheby Mews or damages the Caledonian Road centre. – R�is�n N� Corr�in, Milner Square, N1.