Condensation problem ignored

Passive Stack Ventilation is a term relatively unknown to most people and it is a pity that even Homes for Islington omitted mention of it when it recently dispensed advice to thousands of tenants on how to prevent condensation in homes.

It is a concept soon to assume ever greater significance in our energy-conscious world, although there could be a great many council flats with faulty PSV systems installed. If specifications are not met with or are not in compliance with UK Building Regulations, then the PSV system is fundamentally flawed and it will fail to serve the purpose it was intended for.

One of the priorities, therefore, of the Decent Homes Standard manifesto ought to have been to ensure that ventilation systems are in compliance with UK Building Regulations and provision for installation of mechanical extractors in all council homes to complement PSV units.

Sadly this is not the case. As it stands mere lip service has been paid to a problem a great many council tenants will continue to suffer with in their properties. – Walter Roberts, Henfield Close, N19.