Conservatives would cut tax and provide value for money in Islington

Oriel Hutchinson

Oriel Hutchinson - Credit: Archant

Value for money is the driving force behind Islington Conservatives’ manifesto this year, as the party looks to reduce council tax and topple the “top-heavy management” at the Town Hall.

The Tories are also promising to create more role models by putting people in work, getting more police on the streets and ensuring “decent repairs and major works of council-run property”.

If in opposition, the party says it would hold the town hall to account – aiming to cut back on money it says is wasted.

The Conservatives do not currently hold any seats in the borough.

Oriel Hutchinson, organising secretary for Islington Conservatives and candidate for St Peter’s Ward, said: “We will ensure value for money for every resident and hold the council to account for their waste.

“Council officials spent more than £1million on taxis and tea and biscuits. We would put that money and that spent on the communications department, onto the plates of the 50 per cent of Islington children who live in poverty. Tomorrow’s generation must not be forgotten today.”

Ms Hutchinson also criticised the current approach the town hall has in terms of policing and said she would swap CCTV for police on the street and would also reduce parking fines.

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“There is too much CCTV,” she said. “I like privacy, but there is none in Islington. I know George Orwell lived in Islington once but I don’t think he would have liked being snooped on like that.

“I also want to reduce parking fines. It’s scary to think we have had millions of pounds collected in parking fines over the last few years. That’s not stimulating the economy.

“It stops people shopping and puts people off coming to the borough’s high streets.”