Coronation Street writer joins Milner Square documentary

Susan Oudot

Susan Oudot - Credit: Archant

Coronation Street writer Susan Oudot is fronting a project to shine a light on her Islington neighbourhood’s past.

Ms Oudot, who grew up in Milner Square, hopes to show what the area was like from 1930 to 1972 for a new documentary called Through the Hole in the Wall.

She said: “Having been born and brought up in Milner Square I am very excited to be working on this project.

“My hope is that we can produce a film that will give people some understanding of what this now-affluent area used to be like.”

“More importantly it will remind those who lived through that period of their own past and encourage them to talk about it, in the hope that we are able to capture more of this important time in our local and national history.”

A group of past residents spanning three generations will be filmed in the square, talking about how life has changed since the 1930s, comparing their experiences with those living there today.

Filmmakers hope to use oral history and archived material such as news cuttings to get a unique insight into this period.

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The Milner Square community was broken up and re-housed when the council purchased the properties in 1971.

The documentary will be shown in elderly care and support centres throughout Islington, as part of reminiscence therapy and enrichment sessions for the elderly.

Ms Oudot will be speaking about the project on February 5 at Islington Town and discussing ways in which people can get involved.