Cricket nets cash not fair play for soccer

It sounded like at least the beginnings of good news from Islington Council when they said they would put up some netting at Wray Crescent to protect residents’ windows and car windows, so that our local cricket clubs can continue to play there, although I know the clubs feel the battle is far from over to keep cricket at Wray Crescent for the long term.

You wouldn’t think it was beyond the wit of Islington Council to keep neighbours and cricketers happy at the same time.

However, over at Whittington Park residents have been begging the council for years to put up some higher netting at the football pitch, to stop footballs flying into their gardens at all hours of the day and night, often followed by the players themselves, too engrossed in the game to remember that they are trespassing.

And all to no avail. Why is there money for more netting at Wray Crescent, but none for more netting at Whittington Park?

If the council claims to understand fairness, although there’s no evidence of it so far, where is the fairness in that?

We all need places locally to play sport: we just need them to be fenced off enough to keep neighbours and passers-by safe. Let’s see the council sort that one out before the summer season gets under way. – Councillor Ursula Woolley, deputy leader of the Liberal Democrat Group, Islington Council, member for Junction Ward, Town Hall, Upper Street, N1.