Ali Al Har murder trial: Abdirahman Abdullahi killed victim with ‘fearsome weapon’ in Tufnell Park

Ali Al Har was stabbed to death in Tufnell Park. Picture: Met Police

Ali Al Har was stabbed to death in Tufnell Park. Picture: Met Police - Credit: Archant

A 25-year-old man died after being stabbed twice with a “fearsome” 30cm combat knife in Tufnell Park on September 18, the Old Bailey heard today.

Floral tributes at the scene of Ali Al Har's stabbing in Tufnell Park. Picture: Lucas Cumiskey

Floral tributes at the scene of Ali Al Har's stabbing in Tufnell Park. Picture: Lucas Cumiskey - Credit: Archant

Ali Al Har, reportedly of Wembley, was stabbed twice in the leg by Abdirahman Abdullahi, then 24, after he allegedly travelled to the latter's St Mungo's supported housing home, in Brecknock Road, to sell him cannabis. Abdullahi later told detectives it was a “drug deal gone wrong”.

Abdullahi has pleaded guilty to robbery but not guilty to murder, as he claims to have acted in self-defence.

Kyron Samuels, then 27, who lived at the same address as Abdullahi but was in Brentford the night Mr Al Har died, had pleaded not guilty to assisting an offender but admits he perverted the course of justice. He will appear before the court at a later date.

Julian Evans QC, for the prosecution, told the jury: “Ali Al Har arrived carrying a bag with him and it would appear inside the bag was a quantity of cannabis.

“It would appear they had been in touch with each other, arranging to meet up that night so Mr Abdullahi could buy some cannabis. [...]

“Unbeknown to Mr Al Har, when he left the hostel Mr Abdullahi was carrying a large knife and he was planning on robbing [him]. [...]

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“It's the prosecution's case that Mr Abdullahi murdered him in Corinne Road – that when he stabbed him he did so unlawfully.”

Mr Evans said the blade had a “serrated edge” — he told jurors one witness described it as a “hunting knife”.

Mr Al Har met Abdullahi, an acquaintance he'd been in contact with that day, outside the latter's address at about 9.15pm – and CCTV shows them walking around the corner to Ospringe Road.

The court heard how Abdullahi, then 24, robbed Mr Ali of his rucksack, alleged to have contained up to a “kilogram” of cannabis, at knife point and then stabbed him twice after the victim chased him and a “scuffle” broke out in neighbouring Corinne Road.

“Abdullahi robbed Mr Al Har of his bag,” said the prosecutor.

“No doubt he did so by brandishing that knife. [...]

“It appears that Mr Abdullahi tried to leave in possession of the bag, no doubt expecting Mr Al Har wouldn't put up any resistance.”

That Mr Al Har was “not prepared to let go of that bag” was evidence of its contents' value, suggested Mr Evans.

The jury heard how multiple witnesses saw Mr Al Har chasing his robber down Brecknock Road, pleading for his bag.

A struggle then broke out where Abdullahi inflicted the fatal stab-wound with his “fearsome weapon”.

The jury heard how witnesses said Abdullahi looked “distressed” and “frightened” after the attack.

Pathologist Dr Ashley Fegan-Earle carried out a post mortem examination on September 21, noting the “fatal injury” was to Mr Al Har's thigh: it cut his femoral artery and femoral vein, causing “profuse” bleeding.

Mr Evans said Abdullahi knew he'd caused the victim “significant injuries” but “made no attempt to help”.

He left Corrine Road and returned to his address, still carrying the knife and bag, it is claimed.

“He got a bag, wrapped it around the knife, and threw that knife into another resident's room,” said Mr Evans.

“He left the hostel shortly [afterwards] but said to the resident [whose room he threw the knife into]: 'I've done a madness.'”

Police recovered the knife from a bin inside the supported housing site's communal bathroom.

Abdullahi then got a bus heading towards King's Cross, and made a number of calls to Samuels, the jury heard.

Samuels sent Abdullahi the postcode for his Brentford address and Abdullahi then took a taxi there, arriving “shortly before 11pm”, and staying there that night.

The court heard how Samuels convinced his ex-girlfriend to pick them up and take them to her address in Oxford, where they stayed on September 19 and 20.

She drove Samuels back to his Brecknock Road address once during this period to pick something up.

Samuels' former partner then reported them to police and they were arrested at her address on the morning of September 21.

Following his arrest, detectives recorded Abdullahi as saying: “The last thing I though I would do is kill someone,” “Why the f*** did he chase me, bruv?” and “I got panicked and got him in the leg.”

Relaying Abdullahi's position, Paul Mendelle, of the defence, said the victim “tried to get the knife” of his client.

“He was in fear,” he said. “And, in order to defend himself, stabbed the victim – but did so in order to defend himself.”

The trial continues.