Islington teen found guilty of murdering 'peace-maker' in Tottenham fight


Nikolay Petrov Vandev was not armed when he tried to intervene in the fight as a peace-maker on March 8, 2021. - Credit: Met Police

Two men, including a man from Islington, have been found guilty of murdering a 19-year-old who was acting as a peace-maker during a fight over a girl in Tottenham.  

Ali Tasyurdu, 18, of Islington, and a 16-year-old boy, who hasn’t been named, were found guilty of the murder of Nikolay Petrov Vandev at Wood Green Court on February 25.  

They were also convicted of causing grievous bodily harm to a second 19-year-old man who was Nikolay’s friend.  

The pair had previously pleaded guilty to possession of a knife in June last year.  


Ali Tasyurdu, 18, of Islington, will be sentenced on April 1. - Credit: Met Police

According to the Met the second 19-year-old victim had an ongoing dispute with Tasyurdu on social media relating to one of them not accepting that a relationship had ended.  

On March 7 last year threats were exchanged between the pair encouraging Tasyurdu to go to Tottenham.  

The next day Nikolay’s friend was on his way to college near Tottenham Station when he was approached by the suspects and punched in the head.  

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A fight broke out and he was also stabbed in the leg before escaping, as he ran off he heard Nikolay, who was acting as a peace-maker, shout that he had been stabbed.  

Despite the efforts of emergency services Nikolay died at the scene.  

A post-mortem examination on March 10 found the cause of his death to have been a stab wound to the aorta.  


Two identical knives were recovered during an investigation, one with Tasyurdu’s DNA on the handle, and the other with DNA from Nikolay’s friend’s blood inside the sheath. - Credit: Met Police

Det Sgt Brett Hagen from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command called the crime a “needless and brutal murder stemming from an online social media feud about a girl”.  

He added: “The fact that such a basic disagreement or dislike for another person can so quickly escalate to extreme violence is beyond concerning. 

"A fight picked online during lockdown has resulted in the loss of Nikolay’s life, another man being stabbed and the ruin of two teenagers’ lives; they will now face a considerable time in prison. 

“It is my sincere hope that other young men, who make the choice to carry a knife, can learn from this tragic incident. 

"Nikolay had never been in trouble with police, he was not armed himself, and was merely trying to intervene in this fight as a peace-maker.” 

Tasyurdu and the 16-year-old boy will be sentenced on April 1.