Andrew Jaipaul murder trial: brutal stabbing result of Islington gang warfare

Andrew Jaipaul

Andrew Jaipaul - Credit: Archant

An innocent painter and decorator was brutally stabbed to death in a revenge attack by a mob who shouted their gang name as they ran from his body, the Old Bailey heard today.

Andrew Jaipaul, from Holloway, was on his way home from work in June 26 2011 when he was knifed by members of the Archway’s Busy Block gang in retribution after one of their leaders was stabbed in the buttocks early the same day, the jury were told.

The court heard how members of the public cowered in their homes as a large group of aggressive youths carrying weapons and wearing balaclavas ran into the Andover Estate, off Seven Sisters Road, stabbed Mr Jaipaul, then cheered and shouted “Busy Block” as they fled the scene.

Zoe Johnson QC, prosecuting, said: “Andrew Jaipaul, who was aged 21, was savagely stabbed to death.

He lived in Birnam Road and was walking home through the Andover Estate when he was attacked.

“He was in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Miss Johnson said.

“He found himself a victim of a series of escalating attacks between rival gangs in north London.

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“Andrew Jaipaul was minding his own business when, out of nowhere, a large armed gang came across him, decided to attack him, chased him down and brutally murdered him near a children’s play area.”

The court heard how frightened residents called the police after seeing the gang on the move.

One said: “There was 40 youths going down the street with knives and baseball bats for a massive fight. Its really scary.”

Meanwhile Miss Jonhson said Mr Jaipaul was “completely unaware that he was about to walk into a fatal onslaught”.

She said: “Members of the public saw and heard the group move through the Andover, pursue Andrew Jaipaul and kill him. As the members of the group left they were heard to shout ‘Busy Block’.”

She added: “Members of the armed group were identified and many of them were known to be members of a gang from the Elthorne Estate [in Archway] known as Busy Block.

“The defendants who appear in the dock are some of those who formed the aggressive group that night.”

The prosecution claim Mr Jaipaul’s murder was triggered by an attack in which a senior member of Busy Block was chased and stabbed in the buttocks by members of a rival gang in the early hours of the day of the killing.

They alleged one of the defendants, Tommy McInerny, collected him from hospital.

The crown also claim McInerny features in several Youtube videos applauding Busy Block activity which are “littered with references to violence.”

Miss Johnson said: “A prominent member [of Busy Block] became a victim. That could not be left unanswered. Busy Block decided to make a show of violence. Andrew Jaipual was a victim of that show of violence.”

Thomas McInerney, of Lennox Road, Finsbury Park; Allan Kalema, of Cardinals Way, Archway; Warren Brooks, of Ritchie Street, Islington; Jojo Mafwa, of St Margaret’s Avenue, Tottenham; Tirrell Ball-Thomas, of Colthurst Crescent, Finsbury Park, Orvill Sterling, of Green Street, Enfield; a 17-year-old from Islington and a 15-year-old from Upper Holloway all deny murder, conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm and violent disorder.

The trial continues.