Archway gyratory: Protesters take battle to the High Court

TfL's plans for the Archway Gyratory

TfL's plans for the Archway Gyratory - Credit: Archant

Protesters have taken their concerns about the Archway gyratory removal to the High Court in the hope of obtaining a judicial review.

Neighbours and businesses in Archway are furious at the plans - in particular, the moving of bus stands from Vorley Road to Archway Road, which they say would result in up to 50 buses an hour being forced to U-turn on Archway Road.

But the council insists the site is “not well-suited to its current use as a busy bus stand”, saying Vorley Road will be used to build houses – but not sold, as the protesters allege.

The application was made by lawyer Brad Duncan, who lives in the Whitehall Park area. The High Court will make a decision on whether to grant a judicial review in due course.

“I’m concerned about the detrimental impact the relocation of the bus stands to Archway Road will have on the area, including in relation to traffic movements and air quality,” he told the Gazette.

“However, on receiving information from TfL and the council regarding the bus stand issue it became clear that the decision-making process was flawed.”

In his application, Mr Duncan alleges aspects of the consultation were “misleading” and that TfL and the council “led the public to believe a further consultation would be held in relation to buses generally but when that consultation was launched it excluded the bus stands”.

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Finally, he claims the arrangement regarding the bus stands has nothing to do with transport strategy and says Islington Council exploited the opportunity to sell the Vorley Road site for development, which the council denies.

An Islington Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the application for permission to bring a judicial review of the decision to relocate the Vorley Road bus stand.

“We want to use the Vorley Road site to build much-needed council housing and community facilities, which are key priorities for Islington. The site is not well-suited to its current use as a busy bus stand, due to its location with a children’s centre immediately opposite.

“We remain committed to working closely with Transport for London on the transformation of the Archway gyratory, minimising disruption.”

Islington Council and TfL now have until later this month to respond to the claims.

TfL said it would be defending the claim.

“We have received a judicial review claim about a change to a bus stand as part of the Archway gyratory removal,” a spokesman said. “We have addressed the concerns raised in writing.”

He added: “The removal of the Archway gyratory is progressing well and the result will make the area’s roads safer for all.”