Arsenal fan banned after throwing plastic glass at police

An Arsenal fan has been banned from Emirates Stadium after he lobbed a plastic pint glass at a police officer.

Stephen Gallagher, 31, of Dartmouth Park Avenue, Dartmouth Park, has been barred from attending any professional football matches for six years after the incident on May 15.

Mr Gallagher threw a plastic glass at a police officer in Holloway Road, Holloway, after a tie with Aston Villa. The officer dodged the missile, but it struck a car and ricocheted towards two officers on horseback, narrowly missing them as well.

He was arrested after the incident and found to be carrying cocaine. Mr Gallagher, who has previous football-related offences, was found guilty of a public order offence and possession of a class A drug at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on October 27. He was also been given a six-week suspended prison sentence.

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