Court shown moment man is arrested in the road naked after 'ferocious' attack on girlfriend

Michael Fasan from Gidea Park appeared at the Old Bailey on Monday, February 11 after he was charged with numerous...

Jurors have been shown the moment a man on trial for attempted murder shouted 'Die in the name of Jesus' during the assault - Credit: PA Archive/PA Images

Jurors at the trial of Junior Gbadamosi have been shown the moment he was arrested naked in the middle of the road, minutes after launching a "ferocious attack" on his girlfriend.

Gbadamosi - from Lawrence Court on Haggerston's De Beauvoir Estate - is currently on trial at the Old Bailey for the attempted murder of Zehra Mamalai.

Jurors have already heard that the 22-year-old - charged after beating Ms Mamalai with a cat scratcher and guitar in March this year as he shouted 'Die in the name of Jesus' - had experienced a psychotic episode caused by the effects of cannabis.

Further evidence has been given in the proceedings surrounding Gbadamosi's arrest on March 23, which took place shortly after the assault on Ms Mamalai.

Body camera footage captured the moment police officers detained him just after 6am, having found him naked in New North Road alongside Shoreditch Park.

He can be heard repeatedly muttering over and over again: "I didn't want to die but this is how it's got to be," as they led him over to the police van.

Following the attack, which was branded "ferocious" by prosecutor Paul Casey, Ms Mamalai was left with wounds, swelling and bruising to her scalp, forehead, nose, eye sockets, arm and spine, and a fractured toe.

After being arrested, Gbadamosi was taken to Islington police station where he was detained under the Mental Health Act.

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The court heard he asked to be "taken to the cells to sober up", and told police officers: "I did something that wasn't me, but it had to be done".

After being assessed by medics at Homerton Hospital he was taken to the John Howard Centre medium secure unit in Homerton, where consultant forensic psychiatrist Jeremy Berman diagnosed drug-induced psychosis. 

Gbadamosi has told jurors he was trying to quit his habit of smoking skunk cannabis "four or five times a week", and claimed he could not sleep as a result of the withdrawal.

He also described having delusional thoughts that people were out to kill him.

Of the arrest, Gbadamosi told prosecutor Mr Casey: "I vaguely remember all these things around me. I remember being arrested, but I don't remember saying all those things."

Mr Casey replied: "Do you remember saying: 'I did something that wasn't me, but it had to be done'? 

"It was out of character, but it was a series of conscious acts you chose to make. In your words: 'It had to be done'. 

"Things that had to be done, were done. Deliberately with intent." 

Gbadamosi replied: "I don't remember saying a lot of things that were said. To me it's like jibberish."

Speaking about the attack itself, Mr Casey said: "Zehra was on the floor. She was dragging herself along the floor on the balcony and other people from different floors heard the loud screams."

He questioned why Gbadamosi had fled and jumped one storey off a balcony before running away.

"Why did you jump over the barrier?" he said. "Were you worried the police might be coming up?"

Gbadamosi replied: "Personally if I was normal I wouldn't even jump over that."

Mr Casey went on: "If you were operating under a deluded impression people had it in for you, if you were operating under a deluded impression Zehra had to die in the name of Jesus, you'd just finish the job.

"There would be no need to run. You'd kill her. 

"You were bouncing up and down on her head when her head was on a concrete floor. That's the evidence."

Gbadamosi replied: "It's stressful for me to hear about these things that I've done."

Mr Casey also asked why he had removed all his clothes before being arrested, to which Gbadamosi replied that he didn't know.

"Was it because they were covered in blood?," asked the prosecutor.

"I didn't know at that time I was covered in blood. Wouldn't taking off my clothes draw more attention to me?," replied Gbadamosi.

Mr Casey questioned whether the act was Gbadamosi's attempt to make himself look "a little bit mad" because he knew the police were coming.

The 22-year-old replied: "It's embarrassing to walk around completely naked with my private parts showing.

"I'm disgusted by myself.

"I wouldn't ever want to fake or feign a mental illness."

Gbadamosi has pleaded guilty to assault by beating and wounding without intent but denies attempted murder. 

The trial continues.