Barnsbury ‘pimp’ is running 24-hour brothel, neighbours claim


Police - Credit: Archant

Estate residents say prostitutes have operated from the one-bedroom flat for 18 months

Prostitutes have been terrorising families on a Barnsbury estate for the last 18 months, neighbours have claimed.

Women screaming in the middle of the night, sex toys delivered to the wrong address and used condoms thrown out of the window are just some of the complaints from neighbours about an alleged brothel being operated from a one bedroom flat in Pembroke Avenue.

It is claimed 29 different men were seen leaving the property in just two days and that business runs throughout the night, with customers even knocking on the wrong doors by mistake.

Housing association Guinness Trust and Islington Police have said the eviction process is under way but neighbours say they were told this two months ago and the property is still fully operational.

One woman who lives near to the flat, said: “Everyone has had a bad time with them drinking and smashing up the place. I thought someone was harming themselves the first time I heard the screaming and shouting.”

“A lady across the road has had sex toys delivered to her house by mistake.

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“One of the girls has woken me up several times screaming. I called an ambulance. We’ve had enough of it, It’s just not fair.

“They’re quick to evict someone if they’ve got a dog. And if I didn’t pay rent for a year they would chuck me out, they’re not doing enough.”

Another neighbour said that she could often see naked women through an open balcony door while children were playing outside and that men had come to her door thinking it was the property and racially abused her.

A spokesman for The Guinness Partnership said that while it was told about the “brothel” early in 2014, there was only sufficient evidence to take action in October.

He said: “The safety and wellbeing of our customers is our number one priority.

“When concerns about this property were brought to our attention, we immediately launched an investigation and, following this, applied for an emergency injunction against the tenant and began eviction proceedings.

“We are continuing to work extremely closely with the police and courts to resolve the situation as soon as possible.”

Police Sergeant Marcel Baker, of Caledonian Neighbourhood Team, said: “A warning letter has been issued to the occupier of the property stating his obligations under the Sexual Offences Act concerning brothels.

“This eviction process continues to move forward and should conclude shortly.

“At this time there have been no arrests, charges or proceedings against any person in relation to the premises being used as a brothel.

“However the investigations are ongoing.”