Booze ban patrols for Arsenal and Birmingham City fans heading to cup final

Police will be patrolling the Tube network on Sunday to make sure fans travelling to the Carling Cup final don’t defy the drinking ban.

British Transport Police officers are warning that they will not come down hard on Arsenal and Birmingham fans causing havoc for other passengers on the way to and from Wembley.

BTP Superintendent Jeff Boothe, who will be in charge of BTP’s Carling Cup Final operation, said: “Throughout the day we’ll have officers patrolling Tube stations and travelling in Tube carriages and they won’t tolerate intimidating groups of fans or those who want to spoil the day for others.

“Unfortunately some fans can get caught up in the excitement of the day and, combined with alcohol, this can result in some less-than-desirable behaviour.

“Fans are reminded not to drink alcohol on the Tube network as our officers will be enforcing the alcohol ban.

“Trains are confined spaces and it can be a very intimidating experience for families and children when they find themselves in a carriage packed with rowdy fans.

“We’re asking the Arsenal and Birmingham fans to show some consideration for others on board the train and keep their language and behaviour clean.”

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Around 90,000 people will be making their way to Wembley Stadium to watch the game, most of them using trains and the Tube to get there and home again. And police will travel up to Birmingham to make sure there is little or no trouble.

Superintendent Boothe added: “We’ll have officers on shift from early in the morning travelling with fans from Birmingham and then back with them again after the match.

“It promises to be a great day of football and our officers will be helping everyone enjoy it by travelling to and from the game safely.”