Boy, 15, stabbed man outside Upper Holloway supermarket

Blackfriars Crown Court

Blackfriars Crown Court - Credit: Archant

A 15-year-old “bully” who stabbed a man outside a supermarket was jailed for five years on Friday.

Victim Shane Ryan was fortunate not to lose his life, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

Mr Ryan was stabbed outside Aksu Supermarket, on Holloway Road, just after midnight on Sunday, August 16.

He and friends visited the store to buy alcohol for a house party. The 15-year-old, and his 17-year-old brother, were also in the supermarket.

The 17-year-old “launched a tirade of punches” on Mr Ryan’s brother, Gavin, after he pushed past outside.

Mr Ryan tried to intercept the attack when the 15-year-old came at him with a blade.

Christiaan Moll, prosecuting, told the court: “Shane described several blows to the chest and back. He clearly saw the tip of a blade.

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“He looked down, saw he was covered in blood and obviously panicked.

“Fortunately, the taxi took him to Whittington Hospital.”

Mr Ryan received two stab wounds to the chest and one to the abdomen, causing bleeding to the liver. He was in surgery for two hours.

In a victim impact statement read out to the court by Mr Moll, Mr Ryan, a keen gym-goer, said: “Prior to being attacked, I was happy, physically fit, in my mid-20s and just started my career.

“I was told by the doctor I was lucky to be alive. I haven’t been able to exercise, I’ve lost my appetite, I’ve lost weight. I still remember the fear in my friends’ faces, and my mother.”

Mr Ryan added he is still taking painkillers for his liver injury, and has been off work – leading to £2,000 of lost earnings.

The 15-year-old, originally from Islington but now of Essex, has seven previous convictions. On August 25, he had admitted wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm, affray and possession of a weapon.

Patrick Harte, defending him, said: “He has put himself in the shoes of the victim and his mother, which has made him look at the situation in a wholly different way.

“He’s had a very challenging, difficult, traumatic childhood – punctuated by exposure to drug abuse and violence. He’s beginning to realise that.”

Sentencing the 15-year-old, judge David Richardson said: “You could have cost Shane Ryan his life, and your offence caused him great harm.

“You are a bully. You pose a hugh risk of serious harm to the public.

“It’s possible that in a few years’ time, you may be a different young man. But I also have to take into account that you might not be.”

The 17-year-old, who has 14 previous convictions, admitted affray on September 3. He is scheduled to be sentenced on Friday (October 30).