Brother of Clerkenwell axe murder victim fears he was newspaper target

The brother of axe murder victim Daniel Morgan believes his family could have been targeted by journalists from the News of the World (NOTW).

Alastair Morgan, of Gee Street, Finsbury, says recent revelations that the paper spied on Det Ch Insp David Cook in 2002, when he was leading the investigation into the unsolved killing, are eerily familiar.

His brother Daniel, a private detective, was found dead in 1987 with an axe lodged in his head in the car park of a pub in Sydenham, south London.


Mr Morgan, a translator and interpreter, said: “In 1998 I was subjected to a very similar surveillance in Glasgow, where I lived for one year. On two evenings in a row, I noticed two men watching me.

“I rang my mother in Wales, and she said the day before a woman pulled up in a car behind her and started photographing her. My sister, who was living in Germany, said that on the same day, she was pulling out of her driveway and there was a man lying in a ditch with a camera focused on her house.

“It all happened on the same day in May 1998.

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“I believe it was the NOTW, because of the similarities with what happened to David Cook. It’s too much of a coincidence.”

Mr Morgan was shocked that Det Ch Insp Cook had been targeted.

His details were found in the notes of ex-NOTW private investigator Glenn Mulcaire.

The family have been battling for justice for Daniel for nearly 25 years, but the most recent attempt to bring a prosecution collapsed in March this year, with police admitting corruption in the first investigation had shielded the killers.


Mr Morgan is calling for the Home Secretary, Theresa May, to launch a judicial inquiry.

He said: “I want to see a full and rigorous judicial inquiry into the police’s handling of my brother’s murder from day one until the recent collapse of the prosecution.”

London Assembly Member Jennette Arnold, who represents Islington and has been supporting the family for 11 years, said: “Now that these NOTW links have come to light, I can’t believe a Home Secretary could refuse a judicial inquiry.

“We will keep on and on until we can find out who was involved and we will continue to seek justice for Daniel.”