Brothers get three years for ‘brutal’ attack outside Islington bar

Artan Zeqiri

Artan Zeqiri - Credit: Archant

Two brothers who left a man needing major surgery following an attack on Upper Street have been jailed for a total of three years.

Alban Zeqiri

Alban Zeqiri - Credit: Archant

Alban Zeqiri, 24, and his brother Artan Zequiri, 23, both of Albany Street, Regents Park, viciously attacked a 42-year-old teaching assistant who was at his work’s Christmas party at The Wax Jambu Bar on December 7 2012.

Alban Zeqiri, who was working as a bouncer at the bar at time, lured the victim outside following an argument with the bar staff, where he and his brother Artan then attacked him.

The victim ended up on the floor having a seizure and received a dislocated left shoulder, which required major surgery, and a broken ankle.

The younger of the brothers then removed his belt, wrapped it around his hand and used it as a weapon to whip the victim.

A female work colleague of the man intervened and was also injured as a result of the belt being used.

Both of the brothers pleaded guilty to the charges against them at Blackfriars Crown Court last Thursday, following a lengthy police investigation.

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Alban Zeqiri was sentenced to a year in prison for grievous bodily harm while his brother was given two years for GBH and six months for actual bodily harm to run concurrently.

DC Darren Rose, Islington CID, said: “This was a cowardly attack by two men, one of whom was there to protect the public as a doorman, on a lone male at his work Christmas party.

“This brutal attack, over a relatively trivial matter, left the victim with serious injuries for which major surgery was required. When a work colleague came to his aid she also suffered injury.

“The custodial sentences are fully justified as we cannot let violent incidents such as this occur on our streets.”