Calls for new order after violence erupts on Andover Estate in Holloway

The violence erupted on the Andover Estate in Holloway on Monday night

The violence erupted on the Andover Estate in Holloway on Monday night - Credit: Archant

Gunshots were reported and four people were injured as youths ran riot at a party to celebrate the lifting of an anti-social dispersal order, it was claimed this week.

A shocked Holloway community is now calling for the crackdown order – largely imposed as a result of the killing of Andrew Jaipaul – to be reinstated following Monday night’s chaos in Tomlins Walk, on the Andover Estate.

Between 300 and 400 youths – said to be mostly visitors to the estate – flooded the street after seeing the party advertised on Facebook.


Scotland Yard said a 17-year-old boy, who was found with a leg wound, had refused to co-operate with officers and rejected treatment from ambulance staff. Another three youths were treated in hospital for minor wounds.

But last night a number of residents on the estate accused police of an over-reaction, claiming the bang reported was just a firework and that the injured 17-year-old had only been stabbed “superficially” with a plastic fork.

Partygoers who attended the gathering from 3pm on Monday became frantic after reports of gunshots before police scrambled a helicopter, dogs and riot officers.

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The unrest broke out just hours after another youth – 20-year-old Tony Walker, of Hazellville Road, Archway – had been charged with the murder of 21-year-old Mr Jaipaul.

Five people have already been convicted of their part in his killing, and a further five await trial.

A six-month dispersal order was imposed on the estate which lasted throughout the first trial.

Paul Convery, Islington Council’s executive member for community safety, claimed the youths were defiantly “making the point” that they knew the order had come to an end.

He said: “The whole thing got out of hand and the police response escalated because we did have a dispersal order in place on the estate for six months, but it came to an end a few days ago.

“The order was indirectly, yes, in place as a result of Jaipaul and anxiety there was tit-for-tat trouble making going on.

“A number of youths knew it (the dispersal order) was coming to an end and Monday night they were making the point it had come to an end and messing around.

“We are now considering a fresh dispersal order because there is a community call for it.”

But the owner of Andover Minimarket Off licence, who wished only to be called Deniz, said police “overreacted”.

He said: “The guy who got stabbed, it was only with a plastic fork. He wasn’t badly hurt, and it definitely wasn’t a gun, I think it was just fireworks.

“The police totally overreacted. The guy who organised it, he’s a churchgoer, and so were most of the people who came.”

However, youths who attended the party took to Twitter describing frantic scenes as people ran for cover after hearing what they thought were “gunshots”.

Nearby residents also took to the social media site describing scenes of “mayhem”.

Estate crime has fallen 18 per cent with anti-social behaviour reports down 48 per cent since the order came into force, according to Scotland Yard. Most of the partygoers were thought to have come from Enfield.

Islington Borough Commander Gerry Campbell, said: “What happened on Monday night appears to have been caused by large numbers of people hearing about a party on social media and coming into the area, from outside the Andover Estate.

“We know that it caused concerns for local residents and we have had extra officers out engaging with people and keeping them up to date.

“We do believe that the majority of people who came along last night have nothing to do with the estate, yet simply came to attend a party and have a good time.”

An LAS spokesman said: “We sent an ambulance crew and a duty officer to the scene. There was one [17-year-old] male patient, but he refused any medical treatment.”

Dispersal orders give police the power to break-up groups of two or more people from areas rife with anti-social behaviour.