Campaign to sack Holloway university’s former police spy hits TV

Robert Lambert

Robert Lambert - Credit: Archant

Protestors say Bob Lambert, who fathered a child while undercover, is not fit for his lecturer job

The campaign to get an ex-police spy who had a baby while undercover using a dead child’s identity sacked from his university post has reached TV.

Protesters say Bob Lambert is unfit for his role as a criminology lecturer at London Metropolitan University, in Holloway Road, due to his past in Scotland Yard’s special branch during the 1980s, when he infiltrated the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) and Greenpeace.

He is alleged to have had sexual relationships with some of the activists and has admitted having a child with one – something campaign group Islington Against Spies (IAS) say him unsuitable to work at the Holloway university.

Alex Hudson, who is spearheading the IAS campaign, told BBC London on Monday: “All sorts of inquires are being announced but the officers who have done these things are not being held to account.

“Bob Lambert was one of the main players in that pattern of working that went on for 40 years and he is not being held to account.

“We believe he should be held to account.”

London Assembly member Jenny Jones said; “I do find it staggering that any university would allow somebody to teach their young people when he is somebody who has deceived women in an undercover persona, he’s had a child with one of them, he’s abandoned them and then he’s gone on to teach undercover units basically the same practices.”

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Mr Lambert, who also works on counter terrorism research at London Met, apologised for some of his actions, but said that harvesting dead children’s identities was “routine practice” in the undercover policing field.

Tim Parsons, the university’s senior criminology lecturer, said; “I actively encouraged Bob to apply for the position because he is an extremely distinguished academic and is extremely rich in experience of professional practice, accepting some of that is now controversial.

“If we look at the things we are always champions such as human rights, there is no reason whatsoever why Bob shouldn’t have been offered employment at the is university.”

Last month, IAS organised a petition asking London Met to sack Mr Lambert. A second demonstration is scheduled for January 30 at 12noon outside the university.