Confusion as council spells Barnsbury street backwards on sign

Ray and Kath Wardley next to one of the new signs

Ray and Kath Wardley next to one of the new signs - Credit: Archant

»Baffled residents were left scratching their heads after the council put up new street signs spelling the road name backwards.

One of the new street signs

One of the new street signs - Credit: Archant

People living in and around Muriel Street, in Barnsbury, were surprised and confused when two new signs went up calling the road Leirum Street.

Islington Council says the street sign was not a mistake, and they changed the name after being asked by nearby Barnsbury Estate’s Tenant Management Organisation (TMO).

But the council is obliged to hold a consultation and advertise before they change a road name and many people in the area, including a postman, say the were told nothing about the change. They think it is a big mistake.


Kath Wardely, who has lived on the corner of Muriel Street for 16 years, said: “It’s ridiculous and it looks like a big balls-up.I think they got the stencil the wrong way round and now they are trying to cover it up.

“It’s giving me the giggles just thinking about it.”

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Her husband Ray said: “I’ve lived around here for more than 60 years and it’s always been Muriel Street. Since the sign changed we’ve seen a lot of cars drive up the road, then turn around and come back, probably confused by the name.”

A postman who delivers in the area said there had already been confusion.

Denis Field, 62, said: “It looks like a mistake to me. I can understand someone might want to change the road name, but just to reverse it? It’s unbelievable.”

A council spokesman said: “The name change for a small section of Muriel Street – which is cut in two by the Barnsbury Estate –was requested by the tenants residents association. This was to make it less confusing for emergency vehicles and other visitors. Local residents were consulted. One objection to the proposal was received.”