Cowardly thieves mug disabled man in wheelchair

A severely disabled and wheelchair-bound young man has issued an appeal to help catch the “disgustingly cowardly” knifemen who mugged him as he carried his shopping home.

Rory Scrivener, 22, was born with cerebral palsy and is partially sighted, but lives a fiercely independent life.

He went shopping on Friday and while making his way home the muggers distracted him before cutting the strap on the bag round his neck and making off with his wallet, housekeys and iPhone.

Mr Scrivener, who has had to change his locks, said: “It all happened so fast. I just felt someone pull my shopping bag, then before I knew it my other bag with the valuables were gone.

“You always hear people talk about getting mugged in London, but you don’t believe it until it happens to you.

“It’s impossible to describe the kind of people who would do this. I wouldn’t say I am completely vulnerable, but I am more vulnerable than most.

“They are too nasty for words. I feel a bit more wary when I go out now, but I won’t let people like that intimidate me and stop me from going out.”

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It has been a tough few weeks for Mr Scrivener, who recently lost a childhood friend to muscular dystrophy and meningitis.

His mother Sarah hopes someone will identify the robbers.

Mrs Scrivener said: “Someone must have seen something, or word may have got around. I just hope someone comes forward.

“Rory is a gentle kind and hardworking young man, who would go out of his way to help someone else and it’s horrible to think that someone would do this to someone so vulnerable.

“It’s disgustingly cowardly – as bad as targeting an elderly person. I work for the ambulance service, so we see all sorts – but I have never heard of anything as bad as this.”

Det Con Derek Hutchison, investigating the theft, said: “This was a particularly appalling attack on a vulnerable person.

“It’s vital we identify these cowardly individuals in order to protect Islington residents. Anyone who witnessed this incident or who has information that can help this investigation should please call me in confidence.”

Call 020 7421 0367 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.