Dad jailed for road rage attack outside Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium

A FATHER-OF-TWO who stabbed a pedestrian in the face in a road rage attack as his two children sat in the back of the car has been jailed for two-and-a-half years.

Jody Shields, 29, of Tompion Street, Finsbury, plunged a knife into the cheek of door-to-door salesman Michael Ogunleye after the pair had clashed outside Emirates Stadium, in Hornsey Road, Holloway.

The crazed dad then disappeared without trace, leaving detectives to launch a CCTV appeal to find him - but he is now behind bars after a jury at Blackfriars Crown Court found him guilty of causing grievous bodily harm on November 5.

Detective Sergeant Tony Quinlan said: “The defendant was driving a silver Mercedes past the Emirates Stadium when he had to break sharply to avoid the victim. He started hooting his horn and shouted racist abuse at the pedestrian who responded by shouting back.

“Shields then spat at the pedestrian who spat back.

“Shields had his two young children in the back of the car and drove off, but he obviously thought about what he was going to do and drove back to find the victim in Benwell Road.

“Two members of the public then witnessed him swing his right arm into the side of the victim’s face. He had a knife in his hand when he did so and it caused serious damage.”

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Blood literally sprayed from the face of Mr Ogunleye, a father of two himself, and he had to be rushed to hospital for emergency treatment. He had to have numerous stitches and has since had at least one major operation to rebuild his cheek, and nine months on from the attack on February 6, he is still very traumatised.

“He has suffered a bit of a breakdown and still has not been unable to find work,” said DS Quinlan. “But at least we were able to find the man responsible and I hope this sends a clear message that the Community Safety Unit in Islington are dedicated to bringing perpetrators to justice.”

Shields was convicted of causing grievous bodily harm but found not guilty of wounding with intent.