Deaf sex pest groped woman at Islington house party

A DEAF sex pest who groped a woman as she slept is facing a jail sentence.

Osman Basri, 37, crept onto a sofa beside the woman as she snoozed on the floor and slipped a hand between her thighs.

Basri had turned up at Islington celebration and insisted on sleeping over in the lounge.

He denied molesting the sleeping woman at the Islington property. But he said he may have innocently patted her bottom earlier in the evening.

The pervert was found guilty of sexual assault following a trial at Blackfriars Crown Court, which was interpreted by a team of sign language experts.

The hostess, who along with the victim cannot be named, said: “I went to bed perhaps before midnight. Then in the morning, my friend came banging on my door.

“She said: ‘Osman’s a f***king pervert.’ She was physically shaking, crying.

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“She said he’d tried to touch her bum. She had jeans on and he tried to put his hand over the top of the jeans.

“She woke up. She said: ‘I’m going to tell the police about you.’

The witness said Osman had taken his clothes off, and only had his boxers on.

“Everyone else had their clothes on,” she said.

“She was quite scared - she thought he was going to rape her.

“She was asleep. It was so low what he tried to do.

“I texted Osman.

“I said: ‘What the f--k did you do to my best friend?’’

Basri, of Herongate Road, Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, denied sexual assault on March 14, last year but was convicted by the jury.

Judge David Richardson allowed him bail ahead of sentence on a date after April 14 which is still to be set.

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