Delivery driver clothes lined off his bike by Islington pranksters

A PIZZA delivery driver was lucky to escape serious injury after he was thrown off his motorbike by teenage pranksters.

The 28-year-old victim drove into a rope which had been attached to a lamppost in Lofting Road, Islington, on Sunday (Feb 20) evening at 6.30pm.

Police are now looking to trace five white teenage boys – aged between 15 and 16 – seen in the area at the time.

The gang tied a rope to a lamppost and then pulled the other end when the moped approached – creating a clothes line effect which struck the driver in the chest.

After the man fell from the bike, witnesses saw the group laughing and running off towards Liverpool Road and into College Cross before turning right. Some of the suspects fled into Moreland Mews.

Police Constable Dermot Cocoran, who is investigating this incident, said: “It seems that the suspects were cruelly doing this for a laugh as they did not try to rob the victim, but this was far from fun for a man who was just trying to do his job. This could have resulted in a serious crash, and we would like to trace whoever is responsible to stop it happening again. We are also warning delivery drivers to be careful in the area.”

The driver was not badly injured in the fall, but he was shaken by the experience and his bike has been damaged slightly.

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Anyone with information is advised to call Islington CID on 0207 421 0150 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.