18-year-old banned from Islington and parts of Hackney under gang injunction

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Dylan Callender O’Brien was given a 12-month gang injunction. - Credit: Met Police

An alleged gang member has been placed under multiple restrictions by the court, including travelling into Islington or parts of Camden and Hackney.

Dylan Callender O’Brien, of Enfield, was given a 12-month gang injunction by the Central London County Court on December 8 after he breached an interim gang injunction on August 27.

This is a civil order, given to people who have allegedly been involved in gang-related violence, and has been used to ban the 18-year-old from contacting 59 people, entering particular areas in north London, possessing a knife or offensive weapon, riding a bike in a public place, owning a balaclava, using social media to incite or encourage violence and running from police when asked to stop. 

He must also give the full details of his mobile phone and social media accounts to police.

The full gang order has been issued after he was seen in Islington on September 8, stopped by police in Islington carrying an unregistered phone on October 13, and with a banned contact on November 5.

For these violations of the interim order, he was sentenced to eight weeks in a young offender’s institute, suspended for six months.

If Callender O’Brien breaches this new December 8 order, he will be arrested and could serve time in prison.

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Officers from the violence intervention unit and with Central North BCU worked together to build up evidence against Callender O’Brien over a four-year period.

PC Gill Simpson from the violence intervention unit said: "Gang injunctions are a powerful tool used in our efforts to crack down on gang crime and violence in our communities.

"This injunction lasts until December 8, 2021 and we will take action to enforce all of its terms and restrictions. The court agreed with our case that it is proportionate to implement these restrictions on Callender O’Brien to prevent further criminality and harm to communities.

"If anyone breaches a gang injunction, officers will arrest them [and] put them back before the courts."

Anyone with information about crime should call the police on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111. 

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