Family jewellers in Holloway close for good after 14th raid in 15 years

Zehra Jewellery

Zehra Jewellery - Credit: Archant

A fed-up family have decided to shut up shop after their jewellers was hit by thieves 14 times – with nobody ever sent to prison.

Zehra Jewellers, in Seven Sisters Road, Holloway, suffered a smash-and-grab raid last week in which robbers drove a stolen car through the shop window, stole thousands of pounds worth of gold and made off on mopeds.

The Ozdemir family say this is just the latest in a series of incidents, some of which have seen relatives attacked, and now fear for their safety too much to re-open.

To add insult to injury, a man was arrested on Monday night for trying to burgle the shop while it was still closed from the previous raid.

Guvher Ozdemir, whose brother owns the jewellers, said: “That’s it. We are not going to open again.

“This is a family business that’s been running for 15 years and this is the 13th time its happened. The staff have been threatened and my father has even been attacked.

“Someone threatened him for the keys. Luckily a passer-by disturbed them or they could have killed him.We are robbed nearly once a year.”

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She says the excess on the insurance payouts, plus security demands made by insurers, mean it is no longer a viable business.

“By the time you pay for security, cover the lost stock and pay for the refurbishment you are losing money,” she said.

Last Tuesday’s smash and grab at around 2am morning, was the last straw for the family.

Miss Ozdemir said: “They got away with lots – thousands and thousands of pounds worth. Gold, sliver, watches, everything. Plus the shop front is completely gone.

“These people should go out and get a job instead of stealing off people working hard to make money.

“My dad could go on benefits and see his grandkids but he works hard at the shop.

“The police don’t do enough. They have not caught one person, they always get away. It’s just not fair.”

Police confirmed 11 recorded incidents at Zehra since 2005, one in 2006 where a suspect was arrested and charged but found not guilty in court.

Anyone with information about the smash and grab raid can call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111