Fly-tippers have now completely covered an Upper Holloway industrial estate in commercial waste

By Saturday morning the site was completely covered in commercial waste.

By Saturday morning the site was completely covered in commercial waste. - Credit: Archant

How long does it take fly-tippers to fill an industrial estate with potentially dangerous commercial waste? One week, judging by this picture.

Tonnes of commercial waste is being dumped on the disused industrial estate.

Tonnes of commercial waste is being dumped on the disused industrial estate. - Credit: Archant

The Gazette reported on Thursday that lorryloads of rubbish was being dumped hourly at the disused Bush industrial estate in Station Road, Upper Holloway – and by Saturday morning it was full.

Fly-tipping started after travellers moved into the site, which backs onto homes in Wedmore Gardens.

Shortly after their arrival, dump trucks with covered registration plates began emptying their load like clockwork, to the disbelief of neighbours.

The travellers have now been evicted, leaving behind the mountain of waste for someone to clean up – though no one seems sure who.

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Islington’s environment boss Cllr Claudia Webbe said on Friday she was speaking with landowner Telereal Trillium and “tough action” was being taken to ensure the mess was sorted out.

She said: “We are extremely angry at this fly-tipping, and are working with the landowner to restore necessary security. Our message is clear to truck drivers and lorries – we will gather evidence of fly-tipping with a view to prosecution and wherever possible will seek the maximum penalties.

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“We will not tolerate such wilful and deliberate acts.”

But neighbours have questioned why the fly-tippers were not caught in the act, as there is only one way in and out of Station Road.

Michael Slee, who runs the estate management company for Wedmore Gardens, said the “outrageous” illegal dumping was angering locals.

“We don’t care about the travellers – what’s happening about the waste?” he said. “We’ve been asking why the police didn’t stop them coming in and out of the site but we never got a straight answer.”

Neighbours are also worried about the potentially hazardous materials. “We’ve been told it could have asbestos,” Michael added. “They are meant to sprinkle and dampen it down but no one has been yet.”

The waste was initially being dumped in an old warehouse, which had been broken into. Royal Mail had been renting – but not using – the unit and had a security guard stationed there 24/7. The day after they left the travellers moved in, according to Michael.

A spokeswoman from Telereal Trillium said: “We are following the legal process required to end this unauthorised activity, and seek to gain full possession of the site imminently so we can begin a clean-up process as soon as possible. We are working in conjunction with the local authority.”

Islington Police have been contacted for a comment.

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