Gang police raided Islington family home by mistake

Claire Nash had her house raided wrongly by police. Three small children in there, wont replace the

Claire Nash had her house raided wrongly by police. Three small children in there, wont replace the door. Gave her the fright of her life. Thought she was being robbed. pic; Claire, Elijan 6, Mercy 4, Cyrus Junior (autistic) 2 - Credit: Archant

Mother thought she was being burgled as children screamed in their bedrooms

Three small children were left screaming when police wrongly raided their Islington home in the search for a suspected drug dealer.

Claire Nash, 29, thought her Morton Road council home was being burgled when officers from the Kentish Town Gang Unit smashed through her doors in February.

The incident forced Ms Nash to confine her two-year-old autistic son to his room as her new carpet was covered in glass, and her front door is still yet to be replaced.

She moved into her home with her children aged six, four and two in December last year and on several occasions says she had drunk people turn up at her door looking for drugs.

Miss Nash, who runs her own business, said: “I thought we were being robbed, I heard the bang, bang, bang and pushed my partner out of bed.

“My kids were screaming their heads off.

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“The police came rushing in and were screaming for this guy’s name.

“My kids keep asking a why the police came round and saying: ‘have we been naughty’.”

Police have agreed to pay to have Ms Nash’s home restored to its previous state after admitting negligence, but she is still yet to have the door replaced.

“We were moved here from an eighth floor flat because my two-year-old is autistic and is a bit of an escapologist.

“With the door the way it is the occupational therapist has said it’s a health and safety risk.

“It does not feel safe or sturdy. It was smashed in and massively splintered, I think. And the repair has not put the door back to the original state. It’s been two-and-a-half months.”

A spokesman from Camden police said officers had been looking for a wanted suspect and that they had taken steps to leave the home secure.

A council spokesman said that the damaged lock had been fixed and an inner door boarded up while it is measured for a replacement.

“It will be replaced as soon as possible,” he said.