Gas meter theft leaves single mum and sick child in freezing cold Hornsey Rise home

Now you see it...Ms Kowalska's gas meter was stolen leaving her and her childen in a freezing cold h

Now you see it...Ms Kowalska's gas meter was stolen leaving her and her childen in a freezing cold house - Credit: Archant

A single mum and her two children - one of whom is asthmatic - were left in a freezing cold house after heartless thieves stole their gas meter.

Ezelima Kowalska, 31, had to look after her eight and five year old youngsters at their Hornsey Rise home with no hot water or heating just as winter begins to set in.

Despite reporting the theft as soon as it happened on Thursday, it was more than 24 hours before the gas company fitted a new meter, leaving the trio not only very cold but scared about a gas leak or explosions.

Ms Kowalska, of Hornsey Rise, said: “It’s been nightmare.

On Wednesday it was there, but when we got up the next morning there was a big hole in the wall.

“It looks like someone had come along with tools and taken it away. At first I thought it was the gas company, but I was in credit with them.

“I was shocked – I didn’t even know people stole gas meters.”

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She phoned the police, who told her it was most likely taken for scrap metal, and armed with a crime reference number she phoned her supplier, EDF, to replace it.

“They said they would come the same day, but I waited until 1am and no one showed.

“It’s been very scary, the pipe could be leaking gas or anything.

“And I had to pick my children up from school and take them back to this freezing cold house. I can’t cook them food and there’s no hot water.

“It’s awful.”

Within hours of being contacted by the Gazette, EDF had reinstated the gas supply.

A spokesman said they had called round the same day, but because they didn’t have a phone number couldn’t get in.

She added; “To apologise for this we have provided a goodwill gesture of £50. We have spoken to Ms Kowalska and she has confirmed she is pleased that her supply has been restored and is grateful for the goodwill gesture.”

Police confirmed they are investigating the theft but no arrests have been made.