Genocide survivors to share stories at Islington’s Holocaust Memorial Day event

Cllr West (back row) at Holocaust Memorial Day 2012

Cllr West (back row) at Holocaust Memorial Day 2012 - Credit: Archant

Survivors from the Nazi holocaust and the Rwandan genocides are set to share their stories on Monday.

Up to 200 people and pupils from five schools will also join the event – part of Holocaust Memorial Day 2013.

A speaker from Amnesty International will also be there to discuss the dangers genocide poses to this day.

Cllr Catherine West, leader of Islington Council said: “Hearing these tragic and compelling stories, illustrates the devastation genocide has on human lives.

“This day we remember the victims but also pledge to combat all forms of prejudice.

“Islington is proud of its diversity – we consider it a strength and it’s one of the reasons our community comes together for events like this.”

Holocaust Memorial Day takes place at Islington Assembly Hall, Upper Street, Islington from 10.30am to 1.30pm.