Heartbreak as Archway Bridge fall victim’s car is ransacked by thieves

FUN-LOVING: Tragic Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg sporting his favourite Armani jacket

FUN-LOVING: Tragic Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg sporting his favourite Armani jacket - Credit: Archant

The grief-stricken family of a man who plunged from Archway Bridge say robbers have left them with “almost nothing to remember him by” after thieving his most prized possessions within hours of his death.

DEVASTATED: Mother of Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg, Ceidre, is calling for the return of her belove

DEVASTATED: Mother of Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg, Ceidre, is calling for the return of her beloved son's clothes - Credit: Archant

In a cruel twist to Jonathan Culverwell-Landsberg’s fall on June 7, it this week emerged a car full of his clothes, personal documents and gadgets were plundered after police found his body.

The 33-year-old former Highgate Wood student, who died from severe head injuries, had parked his dark green Vauxhall Astra in Millfield Lane before walking to the bridge.

But police later discovered the smashed passenger window of his vehicle which had been callously ransacked.

This week his heartbroken family made an emotional plea for the items’ return, including his favourite black Armani jacket.

Mother Ceidre, 61, who he lived with in Rowlands Close, said: “He wore that jacket all the time. It would be so special to have it back.

“These thieves probably don’t know what happened to him, but it just feels like his things have been desecrated.

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“It’s like we have nothing to remember him by – his clothes, his shoes, they were a part of him, they belonged to him – it’s like an invasion of what’s left of Jonathan.

“To take these things and leave us with almost nothing is like they cut a piece of us and a piece of him out.

“The clothes are just material things but they mean everything to us. He loved his clothes, we want to be able to hold them again so it feels like we’re holding a part of him again. We don’t want to let go.”

It was the family’s understanding that Jonathan, a courier who had developed depression, was to move in with his sister in Muswell Hill later that day. It meant the vast majority of his personal items were packed into the car, including several tops, jeans, belts and shoes.

His personal documents, including his passport, were also stolen along with an iPod and Apple laptop, his four sisters and mother said.

Sister Tasharna, 25, said: “He was a fun-loving person and his clothes were a reflection of him. That’s why it’s so important to get them back. If we don’t, it will leave a huge void.”

She added: “He was a family man. He was very protective, would always look out for his sisters and always gave us good advice.

“If you knew him, he could be the life of the room and if you knew him you loved him. No one had a bad word to say about him.”

Police were forced to fingerprint Jonathan’s body at the scene, following the fatal fall at about 6.50am. The death is not being treated as suspicious.

The incident has renewed calls to install a net around the bridge to prevent people from jumping.

Childhood friend Jay Das, 30, told how friends and family have arranged a fundraiser at Chapel Bar, Islington, on Sunday for Jonathan’s funeral and a net to be installed at the bridge.

He said: “Jonathan was a really popular person and well-known to so many people and we want to celebrate that on Sunday.

“Jonathan inspired me and he inspired many others and helped people in their time of need. He was someone you could always call on.

“The spikes on top of the bridge at the moment are not enough to stop people climbing over and if something isn’t done this is going to happen again.”

The family are pleading for any witnesses to the robbery on Millfield Lane, which may have occurred in the morning or early afternoon, to call police on 101 or Crimestopper anonymously on 0800 555 111.