Holloway architect fined after urinating on policewomen

An “idiot” who urinated on two female police officers has been fined �1,000.

The incident, first revealed in the Gazette, saw architect Marek Kowalski, 37, relieve himself on the two cops as they tried to handcuff him in Archway last month.

Kowalski, of Mowatt Close, Upper Holloway, was driving erratically when police put on their sirens. He raced off and pulled a handbrake turn into Mulkern Road, before running off up a flight of stairs. As they were chasing him, the two officers saw his trousers falling down and were presented with his bare bottom.

When they caught up with him, Kowalski kept trying to push them away. They sprayed him with CS gas and handcuffed him when one of them described “feeling a warm liquid and noticing a strong smell of urine”.

Kowalski, a father of one, was taken to Islington police station, in Tollpuddle Street, but refused to give a breath test.

Police also found a wrap of cocaine in his wallet, although he claims he had no idea how it got there.

In excuse for his behaviour, Kowalski said he had started a high pressured job after being out of work for 11 months.

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He claimed he hadn’t slept for three days due to his workload, and had just one drink on the evening in question.

District Judge James Henderson, speaking at Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court on Thursday, said: “You were a complete idiot drinking when you were in that state.” He described the incident as “hugely unpleasant”.

Kowalski, admitted two counts of assaulting a police officer, one count of cocaine possession and refusing to give a breath sample. He was fined �1,100, ordered to pay �85 court costs and banned from driving for four years.