Holloway doctor led luxury lifestyle on proceeds of crime

DISGRACED doctor Chinh Nguyen swanned about in a luxury car with a designer label-clad wife until he was jailed in May 2009 for laundering millions from cannabis farms.

The consultant orthopaedic surgeon and his wife Tammy - who lived in Windsor Road, Holloway with their toddler son - appeared as models of middle-class respectability.

But they were secretly part of a family-run criminal gang which sent an estimated �5million profit from north London cannabis factories back home to Vietnam.

Police began investigating the Nguyens in 2005 after they discovered a cannabis factory at a rented property owned by the surgeon.

Detectives believe that the plants were grown at factories in Creighton Road, Tottenham, and in Albany Park Avenue, Ponders End.

Nguyen’s brother Kinh Quoc Nguyen – who lived with his partner in Creighton Road and ran the Forever Green hydroponics business in nearby Northumberland Park - masterminded some factories himself and supplied other producers with equipment.

The profits were then laundered through an unregistered money transfer business run by Chinh Nguyen and his wife.

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The doctor was jailed for five years for money laundering the proceeds of cannabis production.

His wife Tammy Vu Tram Nguyen was given a six-month suspended jail term and 120 hours’ community service for cheating Her Majesty’s revenue.

Kinh Quoc Nguyen was jailed for six years for conspiracy to cultivate cannabis, being concerned in the production of cannabis, and money laundering.

His partner Trang Pham, 32, was given was given a 12-month suspended sentence and 200 hours community service for money laundering.

After the sentence, one of Chinh Nguyen’s neighbours in Windsor Road told the Gazette: “On many occasions I would go to say hello but they would always look somewhere else. Once my partner went to tell him that he had left his car lights on, and he just said oh and shut the door. It wasn’t friendly neighbourly behaviour.

“They had an expensive car – a Porsche Cayenne – and she always wore designer clothes. When you have the Gucci brand everywhere, you can tell.

“As a doctor, he should have been preaching good behaviour. Doctors sign the Hippocratic Oath. This was more like a hypocritical oath.”