Holloway man jailed for gun offences

Stash found after suspect ran from police investigating burglary

Wayne Adams, of Annette Road, Holloway, became nervous and uncomfortable when police investigating a burglary approached him near his home on October 31 last year.

The 27-year-old matched the description of the burglary suspect, but instead of hanging around to prove his innocence, he fled on foot.

Officers gave chase and caught up with him at his flat, where he was arrested and taken back to the station.

Adams was later eliminated from the burglary enquiry because his fingerprints did not match those at the scene, but detectives obtained a warrant to search his flat anyway because of the smell of cannabis when they first arrested him.

When they went into his home they discovered an illegal Olympic starting pistol, ammunition and a few wraps of cannabis.

Adams was charged the next day and admitted to possession of cannabis but denied the firearms allegations.

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Last Wednesday (1) he was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court after he had been found guilty of possession of a loaded revolver and five rounds of ammunition.

Judge Henry Blacksell, QC, jailed Adams for five years for the revolver, one year for the ammunition to run consecutively and three months for the cannabis to run concurrently.

Judge Blacksell said: “People are dying on the streets of London because guns are available. Hopefully you are thoroughly ashamed.”

Detective Constable Jason Beck, from Islington police, said: “The length of this sentence demonstrates that the Criminal Justice System does not tolerate gun crime and that there are serious consequences for people involved in this. I am glad our officers have taken a gun off our streets, and that Adams has been sentenced for these crimes, despite his claims that the items had been placed in his flat by someone else after he held a party.”