Hoxton pitbull bred for fighting must be destroyed, orders judge

A HOXTON man has escaped serious penalty for possessing a banned fighting pitbull - but the judge ordered that the dog be destroyed.

Joseph Woods, 33, of Buckland Court, on the St John’s Estate, was arrested by specially police officers from the Met’s Status Dogs Unit during a raid on his home on June 18.

Neighbours had complained to police about three dogs in the flat, one of which was believed to be a pitbull.

Residents reported that the dogs were allowed to roam the rear communal gardens and in the summer months would sometimes walk into people’s homes.

Woods was arrested on suspicion of unlawfully owning a prohibited dog and conveyed to Stoke Newington police station.

Woods pleaded guilty to possessing a prohibited pit bull type at Thames Magistrates’ Court and on November 29 he was sentenced to a conditional discharge for two years and ordered to pay costs of �360.

The district judge also ordered that the dog be destroyed.

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Sergeant Thomas Lazarou, from Hoxton Safer Neighbourhoods team, said: “I am pleased with this court result as it shows this offence will not be tolerated.

“As a borough we would like to encourage all dog owners to take responsibility and ensure that their dogs are kept under control and do not pose a risk to other dogs or member of the public. Any reports received about dogs being dangerously out of control in public or private spaces will be fully investigated and brought to court, where appropriate.”