Islington coroner suspended after appointing wife as deputy

The coroner for Islington has been suspended following revelations that he wrongly appointed his wife as one of his deputies.

As reported in last week’s Gazette, deputy coroner Suzanne Greenaway, who presided over inquests into the deaths of 12 Islington and Camden residents, resigned from her post after questions were raised over her qualifications.

Despite gaps in her CV, she was appointed by her husband and Inner North London coroner Dr Andrew Reid, who has now been suspended while the Office for Judicial Complaints completes an investigation into his behaviour.

The inquests Ms Greenaway heard at St Pancras Coroner’s Court – including that of troubled soul singer Amy Winehouse – could now be reopened.

Rules state that she could only be appointed if she had been a medical practitioner, barrister or solicitor in the UK for five years. She qualified as a barrister in Australia in 1999, but only joined the Law Society in the UK in 2009.

The matter has now been referred to the Office for Judicial Complaints and a spokeswoman confirmed that a conduct investigation is underway.

A Camden Council spokesperson said: “The Deputy Coroner and Assistant Deputy Coroners have been informed and will continue to operate the coronial function for the four Inner North London Boroughs whilst we await the outcome of the investigations being carried out by the Office for Judicial Complaints.”

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Dr Reid was appointed as the full time coroner in 2002.