Islington men charged in connection with supergran robbery

A FOURTH man from Islington has been charged this week in connection with a robbery that was foiled by a handbag-wielding grandmother.

Edward Smith, 28 of Staveley Close, Holloway, was arrested on March 31, eight weeks after the gang attempted the heist at a jewellers in Northampton.

He now joins Jason Hartles, of Peabody Square, Islington, Terry Ingles, of Arran Walk, Canonbury, Michael Sharpe of Rowstock Gardens, Holloway and Patrick O’Brien, of Northampton, who are all charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

The crime hit international headlines after a video showed 70-year-old Ann Timson running up to six men as they attempted to smash the windows of the shop with sledgehammers.

Ms Timson began hitting the men with her handbag, causing them to flee the scene on motorbikes.

The men are due to appear at Northampton Crown Court on April 15.