Islington police officers praised after saving teenager from overdose

Two police officers have been praised for their “amazing instincts” after saving a teenage girl from a potentially fatal overdose.

Pcs Chris Hough and Kirk Daniel were called to the youngster’s house last month after she told an online chat room that she has taken some pills – but on their arrival she denied the post had come from her and had deleted her internet history.

It was only the officers’ instincts that forced them to persevere and the teenager eventually admitted taking the overdose of paracetamol.

The teenager’s grateful parents have since written a letter to Met Police commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe to thank the officers.

He said: “Had our officers believed the girl’s vehement denials she had taken an overdose, she may have died.

“This is a great example of the amazing instincts that so many of our officers display.

“It also shows the benefits of officers being persistent and professional. Her parents wrote to me to thank the officers and said they probably saved her life.”

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Pc Chris Hough said: “When we got there her mum was unaware of what she’d done and was reluctant to disturb her daughter at first.

“We noticed the girl was very quiet when we questioned her so we asked to speak to her privately. She was absolutely adamant that it wasn’t her and she hadn’t contacted any chat room. If we had believed her and gone away, she could have died.”

Pc Kirk Daniel added: “The girl kept denying it was her and we did wonder if it was the right address, but our instincts told us to persevere and once she admitted she had taken the pills, we called for an ambulance immediately.”

Acting borough commander Simon Corkill said: “I am very proud of our officers. Pc Daniel and Pc Hough used their initiative to avert what could have been a tragedy.

“We are continuously being asked to do more and these officers could have easily accepted the girl’s story and moved to the next call.

“It’s this kind of dedication that makes me proud to lead this borough.”