Haul of knives found in Islington stop and search

A row of knives on the floor

Knives found after an Islington stop and search. - Credit: Met Police

More than 30 knives were seized by police after a stop and search in Islington. 

At 5.35pm yesterday (December 10), Met Police officers were patrolling N5 when they searched a 16-year-old. 

Inside a box they found 15 hunting knives, and inside a property they subsequently searched, they found another 15.

Two next as long as a 30cm ruler, next to them

Knives found after an Islington stop and search. - Credit: Met Police

A 15-year-old was also searched inside the property, and a lock knife found.

The two teenagers were both arrested for possession of an offensive weapon. 

Sgt Pete Luciano of the violent crime taskforce said: “The seizure of these 31 weapons will have undoubtedly prevented them from being used in acts of violence and potentially even saved lives.

“Our officers are patrolling areas known for violence and this case proves the value of intelligence-led stop and search.

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“Reducing serious violence is the Met’s top priority and I hope the community feel reassured we were able to remove these weapons from the streets.”

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