Islington woman in fear over burnt toast ‘death threat’

A woman is living in fear after a charred slice of toast was dropped through her letterbox.

Mary Laariachi, 55, from Islington, believes the package, which included a note reading: “to all the Laariachi family”, was a threat to her safety.

The postman delivered it in a clear plastic Royal Mail ‘damaged’ bag on New Years Eve. Her brothers, one of whom lives in Islington and the other in Hackney also received similar packages.

Ms Laariachi reported it to police and is unhappy with the speed at which the case has been handled. She only attended the police station on Monday in order to give her finger prints so that forensic officers can eliminate them when examining the package.

She said: “I’m very frightened – you don’t know what nutters are out there. I realise the police are very busy but I don’t think they are taking it seriously. They’ve done nothing to put my mind at rest.”

Ms Laariachi is also questioning how the toast, which was sent in a clear bag, made its way through the Royal Mail sorting office.

A police spokeswoman insisted that all crimes are taken seriously but said she could not comment on individual cases.

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Royal Mail said it was is investigating.