Jail for lawyer who smuggled drugs into Pentonville Prison

A lawyer who smuggled illicit goods into Pentonville Prison in oversized shoes has been jailed for six years.

Ritesh Brahmbhatt, 31, took mobile phones, high-strength cannabis and the stimulant mephedrone into the prison in Holloway in a pair of size 12 slip-ons.

He was sentenced at Blackfriars Crown Court on March 12. Last July he admitted two counts of conspiracy to convey prohibited articles into the prison, and a further charge relating to a prison in Winchester.

Brahmbhatt, of Ilford, was dismissed by law firm Mordi and Co in Holloway Road, Holloway.

Prosecutor Mark James-Dawson said Brahmbhatt was motivated by money.

Four of his associates who took part in the conspiracies were jailed for between three and five years each.