Jaipaul brother carried knife to Farringdon club Fabric fearing gang backlash

Fabric club in Charterhouse Street

Fabric club in Charterhouse Street - Credit: Archant

The brother of Andrew Jaipaul – who was brutally stabbed to death on Holloway’s Andover Estate – has been given a suspended sentence for carrying a knife to a nightclub.

Charles Jaipaul, 26, of Birnam Road, Finsbury Park, pleaded guilty to taking a lock knife to Fabric, in Farringdon, on the evening of September 1 and was sentenced by Highbury Corner magistrates on Tuesday.

The court heard how Jaipaul was carrying the knife to protect himself as he feared a backlash from the Busy Block gang, members of which have been on trial and convicted for the murder of his brother in July 2011.


Magistrates took into account the extraordinary circumstances detailed in pre-sentence reports.

They included a letter from his mother, who said her son had been “her rock” throughout the painful murder trials following Andrew’s death and particularly after the death of her husband in February this year.

Defence solicitor Greg Foxsmith said: “Since Andrew was killed two years ago, there have been no fewer than two trials at the Old Bailey, which Mrs Jaipaul has attended every day, suffering great trauma and ordeal and he went with her – he has been enormously supportive of his mother.

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“This was just a poor decision made in anticipation of being attacked.”

The Jaipaul family has received a number of threats since Andrew’s death, according to his brother’s solicitor, who spoke to the Gazette after sentencing.

“Since the murder trials began the family has been subjected to some violent and threatening acts: windows were put through,” said Mr Foxsmith.

“The family has wanted to relocate. Had they been in social housing this would have been a lot easier, but because they own their own house and due to the death of Charles’s father, they have been unable to do so.


“They have been trapped on the estate.

“Charles barely went out other than to look out for his mother, but on this occasion it was someone’s birthday and he decided to take a knife as he feared he would be attacked.”

Jaipaul was given a six-week prison sentence suspended for a year and ordered to complete 80 hours of unpaid work. He must also observe a curfew, between 9pm and 6am, for eight weeks and was ordered to pay £85 costs and £60 surcharge.

A sixth man, Allan Kalema, was given a life sentence for the murder of Andrew following a trial at the Old Bailey last week.