London Riots: Looters ransack Barnsbury bike shop

Looters smashed into a bike shop and stole around �15,000 of stock – leaving its owner with a big headache on his birthday.

A group of hammer-wielding thugs broke through the door at Micycle in Barnsbury Street, Barnsbury, at around 9.45pm yesterday (Monday).

Owner Matthew Hilton, who turned 53 on Tuesday, said they rode off with seven or eight bikes – and knew exactly which ones to take.

He said: “They kicked the front door in and took our higher-end bikes. They also took a couple of our customers bikes and some other bits and pieces.

“They knew what to take, they left the cheaper bikes. It was about �15,000 of stock.

“What can you do to stop it? You can’t sit in the shop with a hammer. If 30 kids come and knock the door in, what can you do?”

Mr Hilton added: “There are young people from families with generations of worklessness round here. It would be nice if their parents would do something about them. But at least no one was hurt.”

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A spokeswoman for Islington Police confirmed that they were called to the incident.

A 17-year-old boy was arrested on suspicion of burglary.