London Riots: Terror as masked yobs target Islington store

A supermarket was targeted by dozens of youths as rioting spread to Islington on Monday night.

A group of around 30 hooded and masked teenagers �descended on Food City in Essex Road at about 9.30pm, smashing the glass doors and forcing their way inside, in one of the worst �incidents to hit the borough.

About eight thugs ransacked the store and raided the till as frightened shopkeepers looked on, making off with a bounty of cigarettes, spirits and almost �600 in cash.

Muhammad Naz, 34, the owner, said: “There were about 30 children aged as young as 12, all on bicycles. We’re a 24-hour shop, but when we heard them coming we closed the door.

“They got the door open and smashed the glass. They stole about �595 from the till.

“It was very frightening and I was worried for my safety. We left them to it because there’s no reason to fight 30 people and they could have had knives.”

He said the terrifying ordeal lasted about five minutes. “They just came in, smashed everything, took what they wanted and left.”

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“They came for no reason and they seemed to be enjoying themselves. We were just the only shop that was still open. I hope all this will finish soon and things can get back to normal.”

Mr Naz was angry that police did not come to the scene to tackle the raiders. He said: “The police didn’t deal with our call until the next day. They didn’t come when the trouble was happening. We pay �28,000 in business rates and we get nothing.”

Chief Supt Michael Wise, Borough Commander of Islington Police, said: “I recognise and sympathise with the concerns of many members of the community at this time, but my officers are facing unprecedented levels of violence and are responding to the best of their ability.

“We have taken significant steps to put extra officers on the streets of Islington to make sure the public and businesses feel safe.”