Man who hid gun in Canonbury lift shaft sentenced

Gas gun found in lift shaft in Canonbury, Met Police

Gas gun found in lift shaft in Canonbury, Met Police - Credit: Archant

A man who hid a gun in the lift shaft of a Canonbury building has been given a suspended sentence.

Shaun Joe, 26, of Hay Lane South, Braintree, was arrested by police on July 17 2013 after his DNA were found on a double barrelled gas gun uncovered by engineers working at an address in Upper Caldy Walk.

Along with the dangerous firearm, which shoots liquid gas to incapacitate a victim, the bag that was found with Joe’s handprint on it also contained 12 cans of pepper spray.

Joe – who told police at interview that he came across the bag by pulling it down from the lift shaft, putting his hands inside and then putting it back when he realised what was inside it – was found guilty of two counts of possessing a prohibited weapon for discharge of noxious liquid on April 15 at Blackfriars Crown Court.

He was sentenced to 12 months in prison suspended for 12 months and an order was made for the disposal of the gun and the pepper spray cannisters.

DC Alan Stewart, from Islington CID, said: “The use of firearms will not be tolerated and I am pleased that we were able to remove a dangerous weapon from the streets of Islington before anyone was hurt.

“Criminals who are prepared to use firearms in the course of their activities will be dealt with vigorously by police in Islington.”